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Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

Did you know tooth decay is the number one chronic infectious disease among children in the United States? When tooth decay goes untreated, not only can it lead to more serious health issues, it can impact the quality of life.

At D’Amore Russo Dental Design Studio, we believe that overall health and well being begin with healthy teeth and gums. Since we communicate, nourish, and breathe using our mouths, we know the importance of good oral hygiene. With two children of our own, we understand how important it is to go for check ups as a family. This teaches our children the value of healthy habits at a young age. Our dental studio is a family practice that provides a full range of general dental care for all ages. Now you can schedule your family’s appointments without the stress and hassle of going to more than one office.

Common Tips to Help Prevent Tooth Decay:

Brush twice a day

Floss daily

Limit sugary snacks

Eat fresh vegetables

Visit your dentist regularly

Be sure to stop by our booth at the Walnut Street Fair on May 4!

If you have any questions about your dental health, call ‭(973) 233-1161‬!

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